Instax Mini Camera – The Perfect Christmas Gift? ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ“ธ

Instax Mini Camera – The Perfect Christmas Gift? ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ“ธ

I had seen Instax Mini Cameras around a lot, but for some reason they never really rung a bell to me. And looking back – I don’t really understand how it didn’t seem to spark an interest with me?

My boyfriend got me this for our first year anniversary along with an adorable photo album. And honestly, he’s amazing at buying gifts. He always manages to buy me things which I didn’t even know I wanted. If that makes sense?

I suddenly thought to myself… how am I only just getting into this camera, why did I not buy one years ago???!!

So are they the perfect gift for Christmas this year? My answer is yes.

The beauty of an instant camera is the fact that it’s so ‘in the moment!’ So it’s a perfect gift for sentimental people like myself. It’s such a nostalgic and happy feeling you have when looking back on old pictures, we’ve all done it.. looked through our parent’s old photo albums and felt so intrigued at their memories from their lives and your memories from when you were just a little baby, which you don’t remember but it’s so special to see the pictures.

With smart phones nowadays, you can re-take a picture a billion times until you get the perfect shot. That takes away from the special moment, I feel. With a camera like this because the film costs money and you don’t want to use all of it on the same picture, the photos seem so much more special. It was that very moment, how it was. No re-taking it, no editing. If it turns out a little too dark, or someone is pulling a goofy face or blinking, it doesn’t matter, because that was THAT moment, and it happened and it’s so beautiful to capture that raw moment.

It’s so exciting waiting to see how the picture sliding out the top is going to turn out, and waiting for it to develop – or is that just me being a little over-excited haha?!

The film isn’t too expensive either ยฃ15.99 for 20 shots, I think that’s rather reasonable, especially for something which is a memorabilia of your life. You can also get different films: Spotty, striped, coloured, black and white!

Honestly; I take this camera travelling with me everywhere. I got a case for it so I can easily hang it around my neck. It’s such a quirky, cute little device. It’s lightweight, and easy to use too.

So overall if you are struggling to get a gift for someone this year, go for the Instax camera, it won’t break the bank too much either. It’s perfect for sentimental people and people who possibly travel to different places a lot and want to capture it.

Or if you’re thinking about getting yourself one, then don’t hesitate. Do it! You won’t regret it. My sister said she wants one but she knows it will end up sitting around gathering dust- that hasn’t been the case with myself. Any weekend away or special occasion, I’m stocking up on my film and taking this baby with me.

I can’t wait to have albums and albums full of memories to one day show my children and look back on myself and smile at all the wonderful times I had!

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