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Jávea, Alicante – A Hidden Gem

Jávea, Alicante – A Hidden Gem

My first ever time abroad was spent in a place called Jávea, located near Alicante, Spain.

This charming little coastal town is truly a hidden gem and you don’t quite get the same crowds as you do in Alicante or Benidorm.

My Grandparents owned a villa in a place called Toscamar. A gated residential area with a community pool, which was only a 15 minute walk from the beach.

We visited for 7 days and there was plenty of things to do to occupy our time. Every morning we went for our breakfast at a place called ‘Scallops’ which served the best English breakfast and was located right next to the beach. We shared a big jug of fresh orange juice and had an English breakfast each. We ate here most days, as the prices were good, you received a free bottle of wine each if you ate dinner here and you also got a voucher for a half price breakfast for the next morning.

There are two beaches – a sandy beach and a rocky beach, located right next to one another. The sandy beach had more crowds, but our favourite place to sit was the rocky beach. This area was completely empty. We found a flat area secluded within the tall rocks, and we lay our towels out to sunbathe and read. This was such a quiet, peaceful place to sit and relax.

Grab your favourite book and a few drinks, and you could spend all day here. It was completely bliss.

We went to the local shop to purchase some nets and a bucket and we spent hours trying to catch sea creatures, which had gathered in small dips / gaps between the rocks.

After spending a few hours unwinding next to the lapping of the waves, we headed to a cocktail bar for happy hour. You are spoilt for choice for cocktail bars, especially around the beach area.

Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Mojito – You name it.

There are plenty of shops to mooch around – shops with little ‘nick nacks’ are my absolute favourite, and there’s plenty of mooching to be done. Our favourite shop was ‘Alehop’ it was so cheap and sold some really cute things. Accessories, phone cases, gifts, bags, hats etc.

One day we hired bikes, this only cost us around 12€ a day. It was completely worth it as it made travelling around much easier.

We rode our bikes up to the port which was filled with boats and even more restaurants and shops.

During the nights, there’s an adorable little market that is set up along the beach front. One night we went for a meal, walked along the market afterwards and sat on the beach which was so relaxing.

Jávea is the perfect place to unwind and relax and caters for all needs.

There are plenty of clubs if you’re looking for a more of a party location, shops and markets if you’re a moocher like myself, plenty of cocktail bars if you’re a fan of happy hour, two beaches if you like soaking up the sun and also water sports, bike hire and fishing if you prefer activities.

I always talk about how I would love to go back and am definitely going to try and visit again in the next few years

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