Lush Bath – Polar Bear Bubble Bar

Lush Bath – Polar Bear Bubble Bar

Lush Bath – Polar Bear Bubble Bar

In this post I’ll be using the Lush ‘Polar Bear’ bubble bar. This bubble bar is part of the limited edition Christmas range and costs £4.95. I was so excited to try this bubble bar!

When it comes to bubble bars you do get a lot more for your money when compared to the bath bombs. You can get 2/3 baths out of the bubble bars, as opposed to a bath bomb where you only get 1 bath.

First impression of Polar Bear

My first impression of Polar Bear was how nice the smell was! It smelt, sweet and creamy yet minty and fresh. Kind of like the ‘Butter Bear’ bath bomb but a minty version. I couldn’t wait to bathe in the minty freshness. It’s quite a large bubble bar too so I knew I would get at least 3 baths out of this.

Using The Bubble Bar

To use the bubble bar I broke off the Polar Bear’s arms and legs either side (Barbaric right?) and held the pieces under the running tap which started to bubble up in the water.

After this I was still left with a large chunk of the bubble bar – the head and body. So I still have 2 baths worth of bubble bar.

In the bath

After running the bubble bar under the tap, fluffy, creamy bubbles quickly started to form. The water had a slight shimmer to it too.

The steam coming from the bath felt minty as I was breathing in and the bath water felt clean and tingly against my skin.

I sat back and relaxed with a cup of coffee, my book and some relaxing music.

After Bath

I kid you not – my skin smelt amazing after this bath! I remember sniffing my arm half an hour after and it felt so clean and minty.

Combine this bubble bar with the ‘Lord Of Misrule’ shower gel and the two make a perfect mix. I felt so clean and relaxed

Summary Of Lush Bath – Polar Bear Bubble Bar

I would highly recommend this bubble bar and I’ve even ordered some extras. Since they are limited edition, they’re not available all year round so I wanted some back ups – that’s how much I enjoyed this bubble bar!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you all on the next one!

Calluna X

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