Lush Bath – Winter Garden

Lush Bath – Winter Garden

Winter Garden First Impression ❄️

Winter Garden is one of the limited edition bath bombs at Lush. It retails at £3.95 and is only available during the Autumn/Winter months.My first impression of Winter Garden is that it is smaller than the average sized bath bomb at Lush so that did surprise me, but the smell made up for this. This bath bomb smells exactly as the name sounds – a winter garden. I particularly enjoy the floral scents combined with a smell that reminds me of Christmas and the winter months.

Winter for me is about taking long hot baths to warm up after a day out in the bitter cold and this is exactly what this bath bomb got me in the mood for.

In the bath 🛁

When Winter Garden dissolves, an array of yellow and lilac petals are released, which is my favourite part of this bath bomb. It’s not a bath bomb that releases a lot of colours but it does make the water a cloudy colour, with a subtle shimmer.

Sit back and enjoy the floating petals and the creamy water – you could even add a face mask for ultimate relaxation.

Time To Dry! 🧖🏼‍♀️

After my bath, my skin smelt amazing for hours after – I actually smelt like a Lush shop. I didn’t feel like my skin felt especially soft or moisturised like it does with other bath bombs I’ve used, but I did feel super fresh and relaxed.


That was today’s Lush Bath! If you would like to purchase Winter Garden, click here.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I will be doing more of these posts, reviewing bath bombs and other similar products.

I feel like since we are more restricted to the house now and going out has become a rarity – relaxing baths and pamper sessions at home is a must. Friday nights are no longer spent at the pub, they’re spent in the bath!

Self care and pampering yourself is a necessity sometimes.

See you all on the next post,

Calluna X

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