Lush ‘Damaged’ Hair Treatment Review

Lush ‘Damaged’ Hair Treatment Review

Lush Damaged Hair Treatment Review

In this post I will be writing a Lush ‘Damaged’ hair treatment review. I’ve been wanting to try this hair treatment for so long! I’m a big fan of hair masks / oils and I’m always looking for ways to treat my hair so I was excited to try this, especially as I am a huge Lush fan.

Lush damaged hair treatment

First Impression

I was intrigued when I first came across Damaged. I had never seen a hair treatment like this before – this treatment comes in a solid form on a stick with the instructions of use etched into the stick.

This hair treatment costs £7.50 – this may seem pricier but when it comes to Lush you are paying for the natural ingredients and the fact that they’re a more ethical brand.

How To Use Damaged Hair Treatment

Damaged is really easy to use – all you need to do is boil some water and pop the treatment into a mug. Once the kettle has boiled, pour the water into your mug and mix the treatment until it completely dissolves. The water should become quite thick, frothy and creamy. Wait for the water to cool down to a comfortable temperature and then lather your hair.

My mug did end up overspilling so I had to transfer this to a jug. This treatment really does spread quite far so I would recommend using a jug instead. You could even get two uses out of this if you do have any treatment left over. I used less than one stick to cover my hair and I have quite long hair which reaches my mid-back.

Lush damaged hair treatmentDamaged hair oil


My one issue with this product was the scent. This treatment had such an unusual smell – and it wasn’t a pleasant one. Luckily this smell didn’t stick around on my hair after I washed it out however my bedroom did smell funky for hours after.

Mess / Clean up

Applying Damaged is not a messy process (As long as you’re careful!) All you will need to do is wash up the mug / jug after you. Just try not to drop it everywhere! The consistency isn’t runny so it’s easy to apply with minimal spillage. It’s quite a thick consistency so you should be able to transfer the treatment over to your hair without it dripping through your fingers.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about washing this product out – I’ve read about some people being unable to wash this product out of their hair properly, but I did not have this issue and the product washed out really easily.

Lush damaged treatment


As a curly girl, it’s essential for me to keep my hair moisturized. After applying this treatment my curls were defined, soft and the blanket of frizz that usually covers my hair had been tamed. This treatment quenched my thirsty curls and brought my hair back to life.

I would highly recommend this hair treatment, and if you can look past the smell and the slightly slimy texture I would highly recommend anyone with any hair texture to try this out.

Lush hair treatment

Summary of Lush ‘Damaged’ Hair Treatment Review

So overall I was really pleased with the results of Damaged and I will be purchasing some spares very soon.

If you would like to purchase this hair treatment click here.

What is your favourite hair treatment? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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