Lush Deep Sleep Bath Bomb

Lush Deep Sleep Bath Bomb

Lush Deep Sleep Bath Bomb

When I first came across the Lush Deep Sleep bath bomb, I was intrigued. I hadn’t seen or used a bath bomb that looked like this before. I am a big fan of lavender – I find it so soothing and calming, especially before bedtime. This bath bomb is a mix of Lavender and chamomile flowers, wrapped in a muslin cloth and can be purchased for £5.95. It is one of the more pricier bath bombs on Lush – but was it worth it? I’d probably say no.

I found this to be quite an underwhelming bath bomb.

My first issue was the confusion of – do I keep the muslin cloth on or take it off?! I had a 5 minute debate with my partner before committing to dropping this bath bomb in the water. He was sure the cloth needed to be taken off. The website shows this bath bomb in the water with the muslin cloth kept on, so it could cause some confusion if you didn’t pick that up. I checked a few of the reviews to see if anyone else experienced the same confusion and there were a few that said they had taken the cloth off so had to share their bathwater with a bunch of lavender twigs and seeds. So we weren’t the only ones! And just to confirm.. you do keep the cloth on!

My favourite part of a bath bomb is watching it fizz up in the water, it’s the fun part! Let’s just say this bath bomb was rather anti-climatic. It was more of a slow process than a sudden fizz. Kind of like a disappointing firework that doesn’t bang and just fizzles away..

The smell? Lush are known for their pungent fragrances and you can smell any Lush shop within a 5 mile radius, but I honestly couldn’t smell the lavender in this bath bomb. In fact, I couldn’t really smell anything.

Summary Of Lush Deep Sleep Bath Bomb

Did I feel relaxed, tired and ready for a good nights sleep? Yes! But that was mainly due to the fact I was sat reading my book in the warm water. (Which I thoroughly enjoyed!)

Overall I would say, save your money and purchase one of the cheaper bath bombs. A few favorites of mine are Twilight (which is much better lavender bath bomb and £2 cheaper) Sex Bomb or Sakura!

You can purchase Deep Sleep by clicking here.



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