Lush Haul – Halloween Bath Bombs, Snow Fairy and Hair Oil

Lush Haul – Halloween Bath Bombs, Snow Fairy and Hair Oil

Lush Haul – Halloween Bath Bombs, Snow Fairy and Hair Oil

Like many, I am a sucker for Lush. The fragrant bath bombs, the floral shower gels and my personal favourite, the face products. I love their products and brand.

When I found out the Autumn / Winter products had been stocked I decided to have a browse on the website, before I knew it my basket had been filled.

In this post I will be showing you what I purchased.


Snow Fairy Shower Gel – £10

Every die hard Lush fan has heard of Snow Fairy! This stuff only gets restocked as we approach the Christmas months. I’ve tried Snow Fairy in the past – my Mom had a bottle last year, so I wanted to get a bottle for myself this year. I love the sweet scent, which is really a selling point for this product. The scent stays on your skin even after you have showered. This scent is a trademark Lush Christmas smell. The pink, glittery gel looks as sweet as it smells.

Damaged Hair Oil – £7.50

In the past I’ve always looked at the Lush hair oil treatments, but never went through with buying any. After reading the reviews for ‘Damaged’ I was keen to add this to my basket. Many of the reviews mentioned how this treatment helped their curly, dry hair. I am a curly girl myself so I finally decide to bite the bullet. This oil treatment comes on a stick, which you stir into a mug of boiling water. I will be writing a full review on this product soon.

Beauty sleep face mask – £13

It’s official – this is one of my new favourite Lush face masks. This is actually a brand new face mask they have launched and I was not disappointed! This stuff smells absolutely incredible, with a lavender essence. It’s such a relaxing, comforting smell and my skin feels amazing after using this product. This face mask has a really creamy, mousse like consistency. It really is so pleasant to spread across your skin.

Winter Garden Bath Bomb – £3.95

You can’t do a haul at Lush without purchasing a few bath bombs so the next few items will be exactly that. I’ve never tried this bath bomb before.. if I could describe this smell I’d say it literally smells like how you would imagine a winter garden to smell! It has a floral, Christmassy, magical smell. This bath bomb is slightly smaller than the average size bath bomb – so keep this in mind if purchasing. This is one of the limited edition products.

Bat Art Bath Bomb – £4.50

This is the bath bomb I was most excited for! I love bats, I love bath bombs, I love glitter, I love Halloween – so what’s not to love about this bath bomb?! According to the reviews, this leaves your water a purple glittery colour. I really wanted to get one of the Halloween bath bombs because for Halloween I plan on having a Lush bath with a glass of gin, to wash pumpkin guts off me which I will no doubt get all over me after carving pumpkins!

Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb – £4.95

Lord of Misrule is another signature product for Lush. This product is only available during Autumn. This scent comes as a shower gel, bath bomb, soap and perfume. I will definitely be purchasing the shower gel soon. I would describe this scent as quite a masculine scent – but it’s so good!

Deep Sleep Bath Bomb – £5.95

I was really interested by this bath bomb. I hadn’t seen one like this on Lush before, so I added this straight to my basket. This bath bomb has lavender essence which helps with sleeping. I loved the idea of having a bath with lavender oils in before bed to really get me nice and relaxed before bed. I love having a long hot bath to unwind before bed time. This bath bomb has a biodegradable muslin wrapped around it. This is not a limited edition bath bomb.

Butterbear Bath Bomb – £2.95

I have used the Butterbear bath bomb before. I can say from experience that this bath bomb leaves your skin incredibly soft! It’s so moisturising and has the cleanest, yet sweetest gentle smell. I didn’t actually realise this was a limited edition bath bomb until I checked on the website afterwards.

Gorgeous Moisturiser – Free Sample

I was sent through a free sample of the ‘Gorgeous’ moisturiser with my order. It’s only a small pot, but I’ve still managed to get 3 uses out of this so far. A little goes a long way! I’m so impressed with this product. It smells incredible and I’ve had comments about how my skin glows after I put it on, so I will be biting the bullet and ordering myself a pot. Lush have convinced me!

Summary Of Lush Haul

So that’s everything I purchased from Lush! I’m going to be making a second order soon, because I realised that my other face masks had gone out of date – so I’ll need to order some more. I also noticed that there was a toffee apple flavoured lip scrub, which I definitely need in my life. I’ll also be purchasing the Gorgeous moisturiser too.

I just love Lush products. When the colder weather approaches something switches inside of my brain and I need to buy everything Lush. I think it’s because my skin and lips suffer a lot more in the winter, and I just want to take hot baths all the time.

What are your favourite Lush products?!

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See you on the next post,

Calluna X

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