Lush Products I Wouldn’t Recommend

Lush Products I Wouldn’t Recommend

Lush Products I Wouldn’t Recommend

In this post I’ll be discussing a few Lush products that I wouldn’t recommend. As a Lush fanatic I thought it would be useful to discuss the products I wasn’t too keen on. As much as I love Lush, not all of their products are perfect.

Revive Hair Mask

The first item I wouldn’t recommend is the revive hair mask – previously known as R&B. This product has got really good reviews, especially from people with textured or curly hair. The tub even says perfect for curly hair so I was eager to try it. This product costs £7 for a 100g pot – which is not badly priced since I’ve had quite a few uses out of this product.

So why don’t I recommend this product?

Firstly, the smell. I cannot deal with the smell! The Lush website describe this smell as floral, but to me this product smells quite strange. I can’t actually describe it. Something smells off to me, it’s quite ‘tangy.’

Secondly, I’ve noticed no difference in my hair. I could apply this product or not, and I’d see no improvement.

Lastly, there seems to be quite some harsh ingredients in this product. For example, ‘butylphenyl methylpropional’ is one of the ingredients. I have no idea what this is, but according to google ‘butylphenyl methylpropional can be harmful to developing foetuses exposed through their mother’s use of products containing the chemical.’ It also contains another ingredient called ‘phenoxyethanol.’ Again, I’ve no idea what this ingredient is but after a bit of research I found out that this is also another harmful ingredient. ‘It is harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin, especially to nursing mothers or infants. Phenoxyethanol can have an effect on the brain and the central nervous system.’

This is why it is so important to research the ingredient list of the products you’re putting on your body! Many Lush products do contain harmful ingredients, even ones I love but I am trying to make a conscious effort to spread awareness. Click here to read my review on the Think Dirty app which breaks down all harmful ingredients in your beauty products.

Here are the links for some alternative products which are cheaper, safer to use and my absolute favourite products –

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment

Lip Scrubs

The next product on my list is the Lush scrubs. Now these lip scrubs smell and taste amazing – which is what make them so appetizing. They’re also not badly priced at around £8 I believe. Although these lip scrubs taste amazing, I wouldn’t recommend them for the actual purpose they’re designed for. Lip scrubs are meant to exfoliate your lips, leaving your lips smooth and soft but instead I find this product builds up around the dry skin on your lips.

I have the toffee apple lip scrub, (which by the way tastes incredible!) But the green colour can stain my finger and the green colour gets clumped around the dry skin on my lips which isn’t a good look. I mainly use this just to taste the toffee apple, if I’m being completely honest.

There are much better quality lip scrubs on the market – I actually prefer lip balms myself.


Rehab Shampoo

My next recommendation to avoid is the ‘Rehab’ shampoo. Now honestly, this shampoo makes my scalp feel so fresh and fruity but again my concern is the ingredients. I didn’t realize this product contained parabens, which are a big no no for my hair type. Parabens aren’t good for any hair type really.

‘Parabens can cause a number of problems for your hair including drying, irritating your scalp, fading your color, and even hair loss. Since they are generally unsafe, it is best to avoid parabens until proven otherwise.’ Parabens also interfere with hormone function which can lead to many health problems.

I can’t use this shampoo unfortunately so I will be giving it away.

If you’re looking for some safe alternative I would recommend the following –

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo



Solid Perfumes

The final product on my list is the range of solid perfumes. The reason this product made the list is because they don’t last very long – they’re very faint, and rather subtle. I personally prefer a stronger smell, a smell people can identify as soon as you enter the room and for Lush prices I expect a stronger scent.

The solid perfumes are not badly priced at £10 however I will not be purchasing them anytime soon.



Summary Of Lush Products I Wouldn’t Recommend

Those are the products I wouldn’t recommend or consider purchasing again from Lush. As I said, I am a huge Lush fan and still enjoy a large range of their products. It’s important to not get fixated on a name, and claim every product of theirs is amazing. Every company will have their flaws and it’s important to be open about these flaws.

I will be writing a post soon on the safest and cleanest products, as a lot of their products do contain harmful ingredients.

What are your favourite products? Were you surprised by any of the items listed? Share your thoughts in the comments.




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