Lush ‘Roots’ Product Review

Lush ‘Roots’ Product Review

Lush ‘Roots’ Product Review

I have a very problematic scalp – dry skin and dandruff has always been a problem for me. I have recently became a huge Lush fan so I was so excited when I came across this scalp treatment.

This scalp treatment is called ‘Roots’ and the reviews were brilliant so I was convinced to add this product to my basket.

Roots is a scalp treatment containing peppermint oil, honey, grapefruit oil, olive oil and many other natural ingredients which your scalp will love. Roots comes in two different sizes – 225g and 450g, priced at £14 and £24.

My first impression of Roots was how nice it smelt. It has a strong, minty scent which I instantly loved. My other first impression was how much product you actually get. There’s a generous amount of product in the pot which I was impressed with.

To use this product you are instructed to section your hair and apply it to your scalp and roots. You leave the product on for 20 minutes before washing this out, but you can leave it on for longer.

Applying ‘Roots’

When applying Roots, you will instantly feel the fresh spearmint tingling sensation across your scalp which is my favourite part about this product. I would recommend leaving this product on for more than 20 minutes, to allow the product to really penetrate your hair folicles. A little goes a long way with this product and it spreads nicely across your roots.


Washing Out

Roots is really easy to wash out. It doesn’t stick to your hair, or leave a nasty, greasy residue. The second the hot water hits your hair, your scalp tingles even more. It is heavenly! Be sure to wash the product out with a good shampoo.



I have been using this product for 3/4 weeks now and already I have noticed a huge improvement in my scalp. There’s still dry skin on certain areas of my scalp however I have noticed a huge improvement with dandruff – I haven’t experienced any loose dandruff in my hair strands since using this product.

This product is also meant to thicken hair and help with hair growth – I already have very thick hair so I haven’t noticed any difference in the thickness of my hair and I haven’t seen any growth but I am a strong believer that products cannot speed up hair growth and I believe this is purely down to genetics. I will keep an eye on this though.

My favourite thing about Roots is how fresh and clean my scalp and hair feel after using it and I think this product is worth it for this feeling alone.

Summary Of Lush ‘Roots’ Product Review

Overall, I would highly recommend Roots. It’s a good price, there’s a generous amount of product and it feels incredible to apply – for days after my scalp still feels tingly and fresh.

If you would like to purchase this product click here.

What treatments do you like to apply to your roots?

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