Mini Haul – Candles & Beauty Products 🖤💄

Mini Haul – Candles & Beauty Products 🖤💄

Autumn is coming and that means a few things.. Halloween, jumpers, getting all cosy and preparing to hibernate for the winter, bonfires.. But most importantly.. candles!

Whenever the colder weather starts to creep in and September greets us.. something in my brain just ticks frantically. A frantic tick telling me to get a pumpkin spiced smelling candle to get me in the mood for the winter. Because let’s face it.. the winter months are miserable and tiring so we need little things like candles to lift our spirits again.

I went shopping the other week in a hunt for Autumn candles. I was specifically looking for Yankee Candles. But they hadn’t released their autumn scents yet so I walked away empty handed. I then had a browse online.. I was going to order the white cocoa scent from Amazon, but the reviews said that customers were receiving their candles smashed/broken. So I was put off the idea of ordering one online. SO! I was having a browse around Home Bargains for bits and pieces for mine and my fiancé’s engagement party next week. (Not sure if you have a home bargains in your country, but it’s basically a really cheap shop!) and you never guess what I came across! Autumn candles! For over half the price of Yankee candles too!

I had to pick some up. I decided on caramel cinnamon roll and some strawberry cheesecake smelling tea lights!

The caramel cinnamon roll candle only cost £2.99! What a bargain. Considering Yankee Candles can be £15+. This candle smells amazing. My dad could even smell this from the hallway outside of my room when the door was shut. However he did mistake the scent of cinnamon roll for coffee! The tealights were only £1 something. I can’t remember the exact price, but it was also a huge bargain. They smell so sweet.

The next items are purchased are beauty products. I was in dire need of beauty blenders. I have recently treated myself to some new makeup brushes (which by the way are amazing) however when I put concealer around my eyes, I feel like the best way to blend this in, is with a beauty blender. These beauty blenders were on offer in Superdrug for £3.98. Again, what a bargain. I was clearly on the hunt for all the bargains.

The next items purchased were essentials as I had completely run out of these products.. setting powder, highlighter and mascara. I love the brand MUA. It’s such an affordable brand. And the products don’t seem ‘cheap’ on the quality at all.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. I’m not a huge makeup lover. So when it comes to makeup, I like to keep things basic and cheap. (Apart from when it comes to lipsticks and eyeshadows) When I went into Superdrug, I noticed the makeup products were 3 for 2!! Again, I must have been on a bargain hunt on this day. Overall I think I spent roughly £5 on these 3 products.. and I won’t have to buy them again for another month or so, because they really do last.

And that’s everything that I treated myself to over the weekend!

What’s your favourite scented candle? My favourite scents are definitely the Halloween/October/Autumn smells.

See you all on my next post,

Calluna X

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