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Mini Vlog – Working From Home 🏠

Mini Vlog – Working From Home 🏠

Work is tired eyes glaring wide at a blinding computer screen. Work is tired, calloused hands after a day you had convinced yourself would never end. It’s sipping a strong coffee just to get by with the ticking of the clock. Work is forcing a smile just to brighten someone else’s day, even if yours is treacherous rain. It’s gossip in the lunch room and the laughter of your colleagues. It’s a pay check that never stretches far enough. It’s the dream handbag you had stared at through the thick, pane of glass. It’s the routine that keeps us going. The thing that breaks us down. Take time to breath. Enjoy the little things in life; the sound of the kettle boiling or the warmth of a hot shower hitting against the skin of your shoulders. Work hard but love harder.

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Calluna X

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