My 5 Essential Beauty Products πŸŽ€β€οΈπŸ’™

My 5 Essential Beauty Products πŸŽ€β€οΈπŸ’™

Hi guys, in this post I’ll be talking about my essential beauty products that I use on a daily basis, and I managed to nail it down to 5!

Beauty products go much further than actual makeup itself so that’s why I’ve thought a little outside the box to show you my essentials.

1) Coconut oil

Coconut oil is my absolute holy grail! You don’t need expensive hair masks, or face cleansers, or facial scrubs. Just pop to the super market and get a jar of coconut oil for a couple of pounds. This stuff is like heaven in a jar.

I use this stuff on my face, in my hair and you can even use it for cooking too! It has so many purposes.

It’s a great way to add moisture back into hair so wear it over night or for a couple of hours as a hair mask. It beats any conditioner or hair treatments.

I also use it as a hair serum. So once I’ve styled my hair I’ll rub a little bit of coconut oil into my ends to get rid of any excess frizz. It works a charm.

Not only do I use it as a hair mask and serum but I also use it as a way to take my makeup off. This stuff slides the makeup off your face like a charm. Not only that but it’s a great way to moisturise your face too, and also a perfect lip balm for dry lips. I think it also helps eyelashes grow too? It’s possibilities are absolutely endless!

My skin has been amazing since I’ve started using this and my hair has got in such amazing condition too. Go get yourself a jar!! You won’t regret it.

2) Facial brush

This brush made it to my list as I went through a stage of having extremely bad spotty skin and this brush really did make a difference. It penetrates right under the skin, gets rid of any dirt or oil. It came with so many heads too, and even massaging heads! I honestly could not go back to washing my face without this. It makes my skin feel so clean and fresh afterwards, and I’d recommend them to anyone.

3) A good set of makeup brushes

I’m not one for expensive makeup or expensive brushes. So when I was brought these brushes for Christmas I was excited to try them. I used to think how ridiculous it was the price people pay for these brushes. But after using them, I completely understand why people invest a bit of extra money for a good quality makeup brush. I don’t use the most expensive or best quality makeup brands but using these brushes.. you don’t need the best makeup brands. I think the key to amazing makeup is a good quality makeup brush, which is why they have made it to my essential list. I would rather pay more money for brushes than the actual makeup itself: the makeup applies so nicely! I was pleasantly surprised.

4) NYX Liquid Lipsticks

I think lipsticks are one of those beauty products every makeup lover wears and adores. They are an essential. Liquid lipsticks are more popular nowadays, and I understand why. They’re so comfortable to wear, don’t transfer to things as easily, and stay on much longer than normal lipsticks. Now I’ve tried many different brands of liquid lipsticks, and many people rave about different ones, but out of all the ones I have tried, I always come back to my NYX liquid lipsticks. They are the most comfortable to wear, it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing lipstick. You can eat 10 burgers and this stuff will still be going strong on your lips. They’re absolutely amazing! Only problem is they don’t have a very large range of colours sadly, but as for the quality, you cannot fault it. If I had to pick one brand to wear for the rest of my life it would be these lipsticks. If you’re a lover of lipstick, you NEED to try these. They are definitely an essential for me.

5) An illuminated mirror

This mirror HAD to be an essential on my list. Why? Because I use it every single day! I cannot do my makeup without the studio light on around my mirror. The reason I love it so much is because it shows what your face looks like in natural lighting. So you won’t be shocked when you go outside to see your blusher is way too red or your eyebrows are slightly smudged, or your foundation is too dark. It literally shows every flaw, and allows you to see your face and makeup accurately. There’s also a zoomed in side to the mirror so it’s perfect for plucking your eyebrows with too, you can see every single hair that may be out of place.

After using this mirror, it’s definitely an essential for me as I couldn’t not use this mirror. I use it daily and I adore it. This is from the No7 range at Boots.

Go get yourself an illuminated mirror and I bet you don’t go back once you’ve used one!

So guys, that was my beauty essentials. As you can see it’s not just about makeup, it’s about how you’re looking after your skin and even comes down to the mirror or lighting you use when you do your makeup!

What are your beauty essentials? Share them on the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Until the next one




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