My favourite Lush products

My favourite Lush products

You only need to say the word ‘Lush’ to someone and they instantly recognise the brand – the place that catches your nose as you walk past, the place you can spend hours just smelling and reading about all the different products, the place that has become extremely popular over the years and with good reason.

I love Lush. I could spend hours and hours browsing, sniffing, and rubbing samples on the back of my hand. Although it can be quite pricey (which is the only downside but the products are definitely worth the extra few pounds) as their products are made of all natural ingredients and cruelty free. You really cannot put a price on that.

So in this post, I will be discussing my favourite Lush products.

1) Bath bombs

Of course my first product had to be bath bombs. Lush are known for their incredible range of bath bombs. They have such a huge variety of scents, colours and styles. This bath bomb is ‘Sex Bomb’ and this is definitely one of my favourites. It smells amazing and my skin is always so soft after a long soak in this bad boy!

Some other favourites of mine are Olive Branch, Dragon’s egg and Twilight.

2) ‘Angels on bare skin’ cleanser

This cleanser is one of the newer products I have tried. It comes in solid, crumbly yet squidgy form (That makes no sense..right?). To use it, you take a small ball of the cleanser and run it under water until it becomes a creamy consistency in your hand. You can then proceed to rub this over your face. I love the smell of this product – it’s quite natural and creamy smelling. It’s not to everyone’s taste and my sisters do not like the smell of this at all. Ever since I have started using this product my skin has been so soft and clear. A small tub of this product costs roughly £9.99 – however you can purchase bigger pots.

3. ‘Mask of magnaminty’ face mask

Now this stuff.. is my holy grail! I was looking for a new skin care product and I was looking at any random face mask just to try something new and my sister recommended this. She said she used to use this all the time – so I picked this up on the back of her recommendation not knowing what to expect. This has quickly became my favourite face product. You rub it evenly on your face and leave it on for 10 minutes – I usually leave it on for a little bit longer. You can then proceed to wash it off. Your face will feel so fresh and minty afterwards. Lush sell this face mask in a self preserving range and none self preserving – I would recommend purchasing the self preserving as you do not need to store it in the fridge after opening. You will know it’s self preserving as there will be a little sign on the lid. If there’s not, you will need to store this product in the fridge after opening. But it’s definitely worth setting aside some fridge space! A small tub of this product costs roughly £9.99 – like the angels on bare skin cleanser you can purchase larger pots.

4. Henna Hair Dye

I recently came across Lush Henna Hair Dye. It wasn’t so much the colour that I was impressed with – don’t get me wrong, the colour was nice. I used ‘Brun’ and it was just a standard brown colour with an auburn tint. I’m now growing my natural colour out so I haven’t used this for a while however what impressed me was the condition of my hair afterwards. It was so soft, moisturised and the condition of my curls were beautiful afterwards. So if you’re looking for a less harsh way to spruce up your hair colour I’d highly recommend the henna range from Lush. They have a range of colours including, red, brown and black. (Rouge, Brun & Noir. The dye in my picture is ‘Noir.’) Your hair will definitely thank you! If I get bored of growing my natural colour out (which I more than likely will!) I’ll be using the Noir henna dye. This is a permanent hair colour and instead of penetrating your hair strands and breaking down the colour, the henna will just stain you strands from the outside.

This dye does have mixed reviews, especially from the people who are regular users of henna dye, however I was really impressed with this product. A word of warning though – Applying this can get messy and extremely uncomfortable. It was so heavy on my head!

So those are my favourite Lush products, what are yours? Tell me in the comments and be sure to like this post!

See you on the next one ^_^

Calluna X

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