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My holiday to Rhodes – Home away from home

My holiday to Rhodes – Home away from home

It’s been an unusual and uncertain year. We didn’t think it would even be possible that we would get to go abroad this year. For weeks we anticipated for our holiday to Rhodes to be cancelled, but a few days before flying out we realised it would still be going ahead. So we rushed around packing our suitcases and making last minute emergency sun cream purchases and off we went to airport.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know how much I love Rhodes. We visit every year, it’s home away from home for us. We have made friends there and we would eventually love to move there (one day!) but the main purpose of the trip was to book our wedding. From the minute we got engaged, we knew we wanted to get married in Rhodes. We had arranged to meet with a few wedding planners and planned on visiting a few venues.

There’s so much to do in Rhodes, and it’s one of those places that suit everyone’s needs. Fancy chilling out? Or partying with your friends? Or taking your children away? Or just enjoying some Greek culture? Rhodes is the perfect place to visit.

In this post I will be sharing some photos from my trip.

COVID-19 Travelling Advice**

Travelling at the moment was a big worry for us – but honestly being away, you forget for a moment that there’s a pandemic going on in the world and it was nice to get away.

If you’re really worried, try to avoid travelling completely. I work from home so it’s not an issue for me to avoid social contact for a while. You are currently not required to isolate for 14 days if you visit Rhodes but I was still cautious about visiting family, especially older family members.

We kept safe at all times, wearing face masks and visors on the plane, carrying bottles of sanitizer with us at all times, carrying disposable straws with us to avoid drinking from glasses that potentially haven’t been washed properly, packing anti-bacterial sprays to clean down sun beds, our hotel room and the fold away tray on the airplane. All shop keepers and staff members in hotels and restaurants are required to wear face masks too. (They take this very serious as they can receive a fine of €10,000 if they are found to not be wearing one.)

When entering Greece, you need to complete a PLF form which is really easy to complete. Trust me! There’s a lot of people in the news who are saying they have been refused entry or had complications but I found it so easy to complete. Just make sure you sense check everything before submitting the form. You will receive your QR code roughly a day before your flight, so do not panic. We received ours around 20 hours before our flight.

Random COVID-19 testing also takes place so you may be picked at random for a test, where you will then need to practice social distancing for 24 or 48 hours. You do NOT need to stay locked in your hotel room during this time, just keep your distance. (We didn’t get picked for a random tests)

Rhodes was actually rather busy, we did expect it to be quieter and everywhere was open as normal. So I hope that answers a few of your questions if you were curious or are nervous about going away yourself.

Did any of you go away this year? What was it like? Share your experiences in the comments and remember to like this post if you enjoyed looking through the photos.

See you on the next post,

Calluna X

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