My Makeup Collection 💙💜

My Makeup Collection 💙💜

Hi guys!

Over the weekend I neatened up my makeup area and it inspired this post. 

Now, I’m not really big on makeup hence the pretty small collection (apart from my lipsticks!) 

I work 9-5 Monday-Friday, and honestly, getting more sleep is more important to me than looking nice for work and getting up earlier so I usually slap on a little bit of foundation, blusher and mascara. Since I’m at work most of the time this is my main look. Yes, I spend my days at work looking very tired and not in the slightest bit glam. And yes, I am also cuddling my hot water bottle most of the time at my desk (because I am always cold!) and I usually go to work with wet hair too. I don’t make an effort at all really. So my makeup is for the weekends usually! Especially now the cold weather is here, I’m just too tired and in ‘hibernation’ mode to be making an effort. Anyone else get like that?

I’m a huge lipstick person. I love lipsticks, my favourite lipsticks are the liquid ones, especially NYX. Lipsticks are usually the only thing I will splurge out on. I’m not sure why, I just really love having fancy coloured lips! My favourite is Jeffree Star ‘Scorpio.’ Or ‘Russian Red’ by MAC. 

I also splurge out on foundation as I want my skin to look nice and clear. I have pretty good skin anyway, but in the mornings my face is always so red, my eyes leak, and all of my face seems swollen. So foundation makes me look a little more human. For everyday wear I use the light No7 foundation, and for special occasions and night outs I use a heavier foundation for better coverage, so the Kat Von D one is good for this as it’s really heavy. 

Everything else I get pretty cheap, a basic mascara, basic brushes, basic eyeliner, nothing fancy because as I said, I’m not a huge makeup person, I prefer looking more natural than all done up. I’ve never really gotten to grips with this whole contouring thing, it feels far too thick and heavy on my face. But I may give it a proper go soon and do a post about it, see how bad I do haha!

I do have a little makeup bag with a bronzer, a blusher, a concealer and a few eyeshadows in. But as you can see the most exciting part of my collection is the lipsticks! Not sure why considering I don’t wear a lot of them haha! I rarely treat myself to new makeup if I’m honest.. it would absolutely destroy me to spend £20+ on an eyeshadow palette! I don’t know how you girlies and guys do it haha!

For perfumes I have two favourites, I have Lady Gaga ‘fame’ which as you can see I’m running low on, and the absolutely amazing Aura Mugler. It’s the best smell ever! I’m in love with it. Both of these perfumes were gifts. I never buy expensive perfumes myself, I usually go to Next and buy their own brand perfumes for like £12.. which by the way are amazing. So it was nice to be treated to these two beautiful smells.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post. What’s your collection like, is there anything you particularly splurge out on like me and lipstick?
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