My Naturally Curly Hair Care Routine 🚿🥥 (Updated!)

My Naturally Curly Hair Care Routine 🚿🥥 (Updated!)

Is your hair looking dry and damaged? Does it get to a certain length and suddenly seem to stop growing? Or would you like to learn how to make the best of your natural hair? Well I assume it’s one of three options since you’re still reading!

So in today’s post I’m going to be touching on the topic of my naturally curly, bushy, wavy and crazy mess of a hair.. what I have learnt to love!

I will be talking about my hair care routine, the steps I take to look after my hair, products I used and how I style my hair.

I have been growing my hair for roughly around 2 years now, from extremely bleach damaged, extension damaged and generally just extremely neglected and burnt away hair. I started off with very short hair, and through the process of repairing my hair I realised I actually have naturally curly hair. Which was news to me! It’s certainly taken some getting used to and me and my hair have had some difficult times. I do often wish I was blessed with sleek and straight hair, but I have come to love the frizzy mess I call my hair.

Deep Condition

Before I get in the shower I soak my hair in coconut oil for 30 minutes prior to showering. I use this as a deep conditioning treatment to really give my hair some extra moisture. Coconut oil is the remedy for everything! Dry hair? Coconut oil. Dry skin? Coconut oil. Zombie apocalypse? Coconut oil!! I use it for so much. I also put some on my face when I deep condition my hair and I also oil pull whilst I’m in the shower (swishing oil around your mouth to promote healthier gums and teeth) I wash my hair twice a week! I would do it less but I do go swimming in the week so I need to wash the chlorine out. The less you wash your hair.. the better. A girl needs to embrace those natural oils!

In The Shower

My hair care routine begins in the shower. Starting with my shampoo and conditioner. Now I have an extremely dry scalp and suffer from a flakey scalp so I have to use a certain shampoo which helps prevent this. Which is a product by Neutrogena. It’s quite a harsh product to put on your hair and the smell of paint stripper certainly takes some getting used to but if I don’t use this product, my scalp starts to go flakey after one day. So sadly it will have to do for now.

To make up for such a harsh shampoo, I use a conditioner which has no harsh chemicals, and is sulfate free. This is by a very popular natural brand called Shea Moisture. I rub this through my hair, from scalp to ends, and leave on for a few minutes before washing out.

I squeeze my hair to remove excess water and then use a microfibre towel to wrap my hair in. I wish I had started using microfibre towels sooner, they are amazing and have reduced my frizz so much. Also the material is a lot more gentle on your hair, saving you some split ends. So go purchase one now if you can! You can get them on Amazon or eBay for a couple of pounds ££££ 😄

After Shower

The first thing I do when I get out of the shower is detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb and get my parting in the correct place. This is a vital part for natural hair! You must detangle, gently brushing from top to bottom.

I then rub some serum through my wet hair to smooth out any frizz and add shine to it for when it dries. I’m not too particular on what serum to use, I will use any, whatever is cheapest really!

I then go ahead and add a very small amount of curl activating cream to my hair and begin scrunching using my microfibre towel and my hands. I use a small handful of product rubbing it between my hands, and I use each hand for each side of my hair. I absolutely adore the Cantu Curl Activating cream. It’s so cheap, only £6.99 and it smells so good. I am very cautious of the amount I use now though, I used to use around 2 handfuls of the product and it would weigh my hair down but also shrink my curls at the same time. The less product I use, the softer my curls turn out.

After this, I will just leave my hair to air dry and this takes around an hour for me. For some reason my hair dries so quickly! I am very lucky in that aspect. I used to diffuse my hair but I am on a complete heat ban at the moment so I’m not touching my hair with a single heat product. Also the diffuser can cause my hair to frizz more. My curls come out much more defined and shiny when I leave them to naturally dry. They go huge through out the day too.

Final tips

That is pretty much how all I do to style my hair! But I do continue to look after my hair and I take extra measures to do this. The first thing I do is wear a satin cap to bed every night. When you’re fidgeting around in bed at night, your hair can rub against your cotton pillow case causing frizz and split ends, so every night I sleep with my satin cap on. This reduces my frizz, split ends and I wake up with pretty much perfect hair. I purchased my cap for a couple of pounds on Amazon. They’re not the most glamorous but who cares when you have lovely healthy locks?!

The second thing I do is avoid using normal hair ties. It’s best to purchase hair ties which will not snag on your hair or get caught on the strands, they’re only a couple of pounds and you can get them at most shops that sell hair and beauty products. The steps I follow are so easy and cheap to stick to, so it’s worth making those few changes to see he difference it makes on your hair!


Your hair care routine doesn’t just include what you actually put on your hair. It starts with what you put in your body. I eat a lot of fish and fish is known to be high in protein and very oiley, which is so good for your hair and your health in general. I also eat a lot of plant based foods, vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts, etc. I also drink a lot of water which is so important and I also drink a lot of green tea. What you put in your body is so important, and that’s where your health begins. So try focusing on what you’re eating and you may find that not only your hair will benefit but your skin, nails and overall health will too.

And that’s it guys! It’s that easy.

I’ll be writing a blog post soon on my whole hair journey and what I did to get my hair back to health and to grow it out. So look out for that coming soon.

And hey my hair isn’t perfect, I do have split ends which I will need trimmed in a few months but I take as many steps as I can to help repair it and grow long, strong locks!

Give this post a like and comment what steps you take to improve your hair.

PS: excuse my creepy dolls in the background of the pictures

See you on the next post.

Calluna X

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