My Shoe Collection ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒผ

My Shoe Collection ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒผ

Hi guys! Today I thought I’d share my shoe collection with you all. Now it’s not much of a ‘collection’ because I personally don’t think I have too many pairs. I never see the point in going too overboard with shoes and clothes since I think to buy new ones all the time is a waste of money and you just seem to neglect your older clothes/shoes which are still perfectly fine! And you’re then forever feeling like you having nothing to wear because you focus on wearing on all the new stuff instead of making use of what you already have! That’s how I see it anyway. I like it, because it saves me money instead of buying stuff I don’t need every month and I’m happy doing that.


I love wearing heeled boots. They are my favourite and what I am most comfortable in! I have a few pairs of casual trainers, a pair of heels and the rest are just boots! I adore boots. They can completely dress up any outfit which is why I love them so much.


1) My most favourite boots in the whole world!


These are my absolute favourite boots! They are a velvet dark red colour. They are the MOST comfortable shoes ever, they go with absolutely anything! They make my legs look slimmer and longer and I adore them. I originally got them from H&M and I am really due a replacement pair as they have got all sorts on them staining the velvet! As you can see… I do apologise about the state of some of these shoes but I like to be real with you all and come on..they’re shoes, they’re going to get worn out!


2) My most recent pair of boots


Guys..these boots are close to being my favourite pair. They’re slightly behind the red boots. They’re so comfortable and I feel very grown up in these boots as they are a nice brown colour too, they look perfect with jeans. These are from TJ Hughes and were only ยฃ15!! What a bargain for such an amazing pair of boots.


3) My going out boots


These boots are my more dressy up shoes. They go perfect paired with a cute dress for a night out. Also, these will be perfect for a night out on holiday since they are nice and ‘airy’ with all the straps. They look absolutely gorgeous on. Even better.. I got these for ยฃ2 from a charity shop, but they originally from New Look. What a bargain!


4) My smart boots


I adore the studs on these boots. They are my ‘smarter’ boots which I style with skinny jeans. These don’t have a platform so they aren’t as dressy and out there as the other boots. These are originally from Primark but I got them for ยฃ8 from a charity shop.


5) My other going out boots


These boots are gorgeous! Take advantage of the exposed heel with some cute socks or some fishnets! They’re not as comfy as the others though. My feet ache after 4 hours of wearing these. These boots are once again from H&M.

6) The closest thing I have to heels!


If you’re not so comfortable wearing heels these shoes would be perfect for you! These are from New Look, I got them years ago now! But they look so nice with a little dress for a night out. I don’t wear these too often only for special occasions.


7) EVERYONE has that one pair of battered Doc Martens!


And these are mine! Why are they so battered? Well because I have had these pair of shoes since I was I think 14? They were way too big on me back then but my mom got them me to fit bigger so they lasted a long time and my god they have!! They are my comfiest, most reliable pair of shoes. Everybody needs a trusty pair of Doc Martens. Of course they were only ยฃ45 back when I got these..you’re not looking at ยฃ100+!! (Last time I looked anyway.) These shoes are great for walking in mud, snow, dirt, ice! Even in the summer months, they are perfect and I think I’ll forever keep these shoes no matter how tatty they get because they are just so reliable and durable.


8) For those casual days..


These shoes are so cool. For my casual days these are the first shoes I will pick up. They’re my trusty vans! And they have a slight platform too. But these shoes are amazing, I love them. Everyone needs a pair of Vans. They’re a classic shoe, you cannot beat them.


9) My least worn boots


I have a love-hate relationship with these boots. I never wear them and when I come to style them they don’t look right! But when I come to throw them away I just can’t bring myself to do it, because I still think they are so nice! So I’m going to make the effort to style them more! (I promise..) Maybe a nice pair of jeans or knee high socks?


10) For sports, or my even more casual days..


I barely wear these shoes and I would never style these shoes with my nice outfits. I purely wear these for running, or for the gym, or days where I need to quickly slip something on my feet. Which is a shame as I like to make the most out of my things.. So I may style them soon and even do an outfit post on it! I actually got the Converse from a charity shop for a couple of pounds. What a bargain!



So yeah guys, that is my shoe collection. I wouldn’t say I’m minimal but I don’t like to constantly buy new things if I already have a good amount of things anyway as I have said so I don’t think I have a crazy amount of shoes but it works for me. ^-^

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little shoe family!!

Until the next post.



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