OOTD – Work Edition

OOTD – Work Edition

Hi guys.

I feel like it’s a necessary to dress nice for work, as I do spend 32% of my week at work. (Yes, I did sit and work that out) It’s also important to look smart, especially if you’re in a customer facing role. I am not however I still like to look smart. I feel like if you look the part, you feel the part, and not only will you rock your outfit but you’ll also rock confidence, and confidence is key in the work place!

The other month I realised I didn’t own any decent work clothes and was starting to look scruffy for work. So I did a bulk buy on Boohoo and picked up several new items to pad out my office wear side of the wardrobe. The reason I chose Boohoo is because their clothes are cheap. They’re not always the best quality but when it comes to work, I’m not too fussed on quality! Which is why Boohoo is perfect for work wear.

So this skirt and top are two of the items I purchased and I decided to style them for work.

I love this top – it is a bat wing style. I love how this top fits and I love the bat winged style. This has had so many compliments! I decided to pair this top with this amazing skirt which I instantly knew I had to buy the second I saw it on the website. It was so me – the colour, the sparkly buckle, and the cross over style. I love it!

To complete the look I put on a pair of black boots, which are just my standard go-to when it comes to work, as I don’t do heels at the best of times! I also added my Michael Kors backpack which has plenty of space to store my paperwork and diary for work.

I didn’t wear a coat at the time of taking these photos however this look would go perfect with a smart blazer styled jacket. Grey or black.

Where are your favourite places to buy work clothes from? Comment below as I’d love to know – I’m always in need of work clothes!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you all on the next one.

Calluna X

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