Outfit: Love On The Weekend 🖤💜

Outfit: Love On The Weekend 🖤💜

Hey guys! 
So I got this beautiful blue tartan skirt from the charity shop the other week for £3! It’s originally from New Look. It’s Autumn so it’s officially tartan wearing season so I had to get it haha!

I’ve been wanting to style this skirt for so long so when my sister gave me this turtle neck ribbed grey jumper I saw the perfect opportunity for a fall looking outfit. This jumper is so warm and snuggly, perfect for the colder weather. 

It’s quite a basic outfit, nothing fancy. So I styled it with some shin length grey socks to match my jumper, some old boots which I never wear but after trying them on again, I realise I should definitely wear them more! And obviously a duster jacket, I absolutely adore this style of jacket and I need it in every colour! They’re so easy to just throw over an outfit and make it really pop. 

The reason I started this blog is to not only show off the incredible finds from the charity shops which I get, but to also keep a style diary so if I’m in one of those ‘I have nothing to wear’ moods, which is quite often by the way! I can always look back at my outfit posts and get inspired again, and hopefully inspire others along the way!

What are your guys go-to Autumn/Fall style?

Hope you liked this outfit! 

Until the next post



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