Polaroid collection – Part 1

Polaroid collection – Part 1

I love taking photos. Capturing a moment, looking back at the moment years to come, and being able to share these moments with your children one day. Memories are precious and we carry them with us everyday, but a photograph captures that memory allowing us to share the wonderful moments of our lives with others.

I have 22000+ pictures on my phone camera role. I think that shows just how much I love taking photos. I am slowly making my way through these photos and printing them off, so I have a physical copy of them. I much prefer having physical copies – photos can get easily lost on phones, computers etc. But the thing about phones and cameras is that you can re-take a picture hundreds and hundreds of times, but before you know it.. the moment has gone. The photo you’re taking is actually no longer ‘in the moment’ and has become forced.. rehearsed and not raw. Which is why I love my Polaroid camera and disposable cameras.

You have limited film – you are going to use that film wisely. So taking hundreds of pictures until you get the perfect pose is NOT an option. Well.. it would be a very expensive option. Film does not come cheap!

I love truly capturing a moment. If the photos turn out too dark or your eyes are closed or you look extremely unflattering – who cares! I love it. It’s raw. You know the story behind the photo. You know what that photo is, even if it turned out too dark and can’t actually make out what it is. You are reminded of that exact moment, and that memory replays in your mind like you’re there all over again, and you remember the disappointment you felt when the photo turned out too dark, but it didn’t matter because it was still a special moment to you.

You could say I’m quite old school when it comes to photos. I know how much fun it is looking through parent’s photographs, and it really makes you feel apart of the moment, even if you weren’t there.

I have hundreds and hundreds of Polaroid’s so I wanted to start to share these on my blog.

So in this post, I have chosen some photos at random to share with you.

Atlantis The Palm – Dubai

A mix of photos from my travels to Paris & Rome.

Getting engaged in Rhodes.

Photos from my travels to Rhodes.

Fun in Paris.

Outfit pictures taken in hotel rooms.

Photos taken during a fashion photoshoot.


Life is an adventure with him by my side.

These photos are just a small selection of my Polaroid photograph collection and I will be doing more of these posts – as I said, I have hundreds to get through!

I do have Pinterest and have made a board specifically for my Polaroid pictures so please feel free to check it out and follow me. I also have several other boards where I post my travel photos.


See you all on the next post,

Calluna X

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