Rating My Old Outfit Posts

Rating My Old Outfit Posts

Rating My Old Outfit Posts

When I first started, I wanted my blog to be focused around fashion. I soon changed my mind and wanted to post more lifestyle / travel / advice content, as it gave me a wider niche for my blog. Many of my early posts are outfit posts, so in this post I thought I’d revisit these old posts and rate them. Who knows – maybe some of these outfits will inspire you or give you an outfit idea?


Disco Pants

The first outfit I based my look around these bright blue American Apparel disco pants I found in a charity shop. (What a great find! I miss charity shops..)

I miss wearing disco pants so much! I used to wear them all the time, I had around 8 pairs and they were my favourite thing to wear. I did gain a little bit of weight though, and I lost a lot of confidence. As I lost my confidence I started to shy away from certain items of clothing. My go-to look was a crop top, disco pants and big boots. I do try to avoid wearing crop tops now and none of my old disco pants fit anymore. So far this year I’ve been working on my health and getting my confidence back, so I’m hoping to fit back into my disco pants again in a few months!

I still have this top and the flowery kimono. I don’t wear the kimono as much as I’d like to. After seeing this outfit, I definitely want to start styling it more. Again, I love this top, but my confidence has really slipped so I don’t wear it as much anymore.

I really love this outfit, it motivates me to try and gain my confidence back so I can start wearing stuff like this again.


Velvet Crop Top and Culotte Trousers

I really like this outfit – unfortunately I don’t own either of these items of clothing anymore. The velvet crop top got far too small for me and the trousers were hard to pull off. Looking back though, I really loved how this looked.

I had originally purchased these trousers to wear on holiday, as they are quite airy. Looking back at this outfit really makes me want to go and buy myself a pair of culotte trousers!


Tartan Skirt

I love this outfit – it’s the perfect outfit for autumn time. I actually love this skirt and I have no idea where it is. It’s disappeared!

I’d probably wear this outfit to work – it’s the perfect casual office look. Obviously I’d change the shoes and maybe add an over jacket. In fact – this jumper was actually one of my work jumpers, but I was very nervous to wear this at work. A grey tight jumper in a sweaty office? You’re asking for the embarrassment of damp patches under your arms.

I love this skirt, and I’d probably style it with a different top and shoes now. It would look great with my double platform Dr Martens!


Spiked Garter

Can I just say…this outfit is giving me major emo Baby Spice vibes..

I love this outfit. I’d probably wear this to a rock / alternative club – I love wearing my Dr Martens clubbing. They look great with every outfit and are so comfortable! I probably wouldn’t wear this outfit as an every day casual outfit. In fact – I know I wouldn’t! I would have back when I was a teenager.

I love the spiked garter – it really adds that extra something.

Again – this is something I wouldn’t have the confidence to wear anymore, but I’m in the process of losing my lock down weight so I’m hoping to do a big clothes shop soon, when I’m hopefully back down to this size!



I loved these shoes! These were the most comfortable and nicest pair of boots ever! They were the perfect height. Unfortunately I ruined them, so I binned them! They were past the point of no return..

I love this outfit. I’ve grown out of this jumpsuit now, but when it fit, I loved it! I liked to style it with a t-shirt or long sleeved shirt underneath.

I’m also a huge fan of blazers. They completely change the vibe of an outfit, which I love.


Summary Of Rating My Old Outfit Posts

My favourite outfit from this post was definitely the blue disco pants and the runner up was the black jumpsuit paired with the blazer.

It was fun to look back at my old posts – these are what started my blog.

What was your favourite outfit?


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