Outfit: Slow dancing in a burning room 💗

Outfit: Slow dancing in a burning room 💗


Just wanted to show you all my outfit, based around this striped mesh crop top which I actually got from the charity shop for £2!!

It’s such a nice little top which I paired with my tutu styled skirt, which is my staple item! I love tutus, they are so beautiful.

I added my boots which are studded and buckled which seems to be quite popular at the moment, but I actually got these from a charity shop too for £2!

The perfect finish to any outfit is a smart duster jacket. I adore these jackets so much, and if I could have every colour I would.

I also styled it with my backpack which I take travelling a lot hence the Paris pins which I added which adds to the cuteness of this backpack. And of course my choker to add to the gothic witchy vibes I am going for since Halloween is slowly creeping upon us.

Also I’m wearing my brand new lipstick ‘Designer Blood’ by Jeffrey Star.. which I love by the way!! This baby doesn’t come off for nothing. Go check out beautybay.com, there’s a sale on the liquid lipsticks at the moment!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this outfit and liked the top which I thrifted. I have a lot of exciting stuff to post about over the next few weeks, I have been doing a LOT of charity shopping. (I think I am obsessed.) so look out for that!

Until the next post

Rosie oxoxoxoxox

Top: Thrifted

Skirt: Boohoo

Boots: Thrifted 

Backpack: New Look

Choker: Claire’s

Jacket: Primark


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