Styling a blazer 💜

Styling a blazer 💜

Blazers are such a staple piece to have in your wardrobe, they can completely finish an outfit, not only that but, a blazer can be utilised for so many things – Work attire, casual attire, night out attire etc.

I decided to style a blazer I purchased from H&M. It’s grey with black and pale yellow lines running along it.

I adore this blazer and it gets so many compliments, and guess what?! There was a matching skirt too! I love a good co-ord set. Unfortunately the skirt was out of stock when I came to purchase it.

I wear this blazer so many ways – With jeans and vans, or with a pale oversized yellow hoodie underneath, thick tights and some chunky boots. There are so many different ways to style this, and on this post I have decided to style this blazer for a ‘night out look’

Underneath the blazer I put on a bralette and a small pair of black shorts to, you know, protect my dignity! I wrapped a belt around my waist to add a little shape to the outfit, as they can sometimes look quite.. flat?

I added a pair of black closed-toe heels, which I adore. They are so classy, and simple. They’re also easy to walk in because they have a chunky heel unlike that thin super thin heel that gets caught in drains, cobblestones and god knows what else! (Which by the way if you wear heels like this.. I am impressed. That is a pure talent!)

Finally I added my Michael Kors backpack, but looking back I think a nice clutch bag would have really finished this outfit off more effectively.. but I love backpacks. It’s so convenient to not have to carry a bag in your hands! Plus this is my favourite bag.

I decided to style my hair in a slick, tight pony tail, and apply a dark, bold eyeshadow and a dark lip to really finish off the look.

I think this look is so classy and smart, and would be perfect for a night out on the town.

What are your favourite ways to style a blazer?

I’ll see you on the next post!

Calluna X

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