Styling A Cheap Amazon Wig

Styling A Cheap Amazon Wig

I love wigs – they can completely change your image / look.

If you’re bored of your hair but don’t want to ruin your hair by bleaching it, just get yourself a wig to spice things up.

I was getting fed up of my hair so I started looking at wigs on Amazon. I didn’t want to spend much money, as wigs aren’t something i could see myself wearing on a daily basis. I’ve had wigs in the past, I had a gorgeous red wig with a full fringe but I threw it in the bin a few years back which I really regret. So I came across this pastel pink wig on Amazon which was only £20! So I thought.. why not order it?

So in this post I will be telling you my thoughts and writing a little review.

First impression

This product had really good reviews from the get go, which is why I gravitated towards purchasing this.

This wig was packaged nice and neatly, in a plastic bag and a net. It came with 2 nude wig caps, so there’s no need to purchase these separately.

The hair is synthetic but upon first opening the wig, the quality of the hair was impressive especially for the price. Don’t even get me started on the colour! The wig is a gorgeous pastel pink colour, and it’s so long and thick. I know sometimes cheaper wigs can sometimes look stringy and thin but this was not the case.


The only con with this wig is the parting area. This is not a lace front wig, so it doesn’t look as realistic as it could. The roots are darker and the wig is parted along the middle. I feel that the only downfall is the parting. A parting can really make or break a wig, and in this case it did bring the overall quality of the wig down.


I styled this wig with a beanie. I feel like the beanie covered up the disappointing parting and just made it look like my real hair. You could style this wig with all kinds of hats – A fedora, a beret, a beanie, maybe even a bandana?

Final thoughts

So, what are my final thoughts? I would definitely recommend purchasing this if you’re new to wigs, if you’re looking to experiment with different looks or even if you’re heading off to a dress up / Halloween party. It’s a great price for the quality of the wig, a gorgeous colour and although the hair is synthetic, it doesn’t have that barbie doll look to it. The only downfall is the parting however this can easily be covered with a hat, and any wig that isn’t lace front doesn’t look 100% real.

If you are interested in purchasing this wig, follow this link.

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I’ll see you on the next post. ^^

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