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Polaroid collection – Part 1

I love taking photos. Capturing a moment, looking back at the moment years to come, and being able to share these moments with your children one day. Memories are precious and we carry them with us everyday, but a photograph captures that memory allowing us to share the wonderful moments of our lives with others.… Continue reading Polaroid collection – Part 1


About the blogger – Calluna’s World

As I've had a lot of new followers recently (Hi new followers!) and as I've never really formally introduced myself to my long term followers (Hi long term followers!) I thought I would do something different. Different for my blog anyway. My blog is based mainly around lifestyle. It's a place to post about my… Continue reading About the blogger – Calluna’s World


2019 – Highlights from the best year of my life

2019 was an incredible year, and I wanted to take the opportunity on this post to reflect on my happiest moments. So many happy memories were made - I saw John Mayer live. What a dream that was! I've always dreamed of seeing John Mayer and I never thought it would happen, he barely tours… Continue reading 2019 – Highlights from the best year of my life


Days In Pictures – Cotswolds & Photoshoots

Another week has passed and as usual I'm sad to see it end. Time seems to be flying by! Which is why I love capturing these moments. Time & memories are the most precious things we will ever experience in life. I've spent time with this absolute cutie. Coming in from work and seeing his… Continue reading Days In Pictures – Cotswolds & Photoshoots


Days In Pictures – My Dream Concert 💜

What a week it has been! It has passed so quickly.. but a lot of exciting things have happened. I started my week by recording some music. I'm currently working on a few covers, which are a work in progress but I'm looking forward to sharing them with you when they're finished! I bought some… Continue reading Days In Pictures – My Dream Concert 💜