My 2021 Goals

My 2021 Goals Happy New Year readers! I hope you all had a lovely and safe New Year. 2020 was a whirlwind, wasn’t it? I don’t tend to set myself resolutions. Instead I set myself goals. I’m forever setting myself goals, it doesn’t take a new year for me to set new goals for myself. I turn 25 this year! […]

Goodbye 2020

Goodbye 2020 It’s been a strange old year… But I’ve learnt some important life lessons and I will always be grateful for the people around me. Here are a few highlights from my year. Have a safe and Happy New Year and I’ll see you in 2021 🤍 Calluna X

Goals we can all work towards in 2020

New Year – the time to make resolutions, set goals and make a commitment to improve yourself. Some people like to do it, some people don’t. Some people see a new year as a fresh slate and others believe that you shouldn’t use a new year as an excuse to change. Some people really commit themselves to their resolutions and […]