A friend of mine at work has recently became a body shop representative.

She brought in a tester pot for me, for one of the products ‘drops of light.’ A skin care product that clears away dead skin. At first I was apprehensive about making an order, but after trying to sample on my face.. my skin felt the cleanest it had felt in a long time, so I had to put in an order!

Skincare is so important. So many people invest in makeup products but really, the investment should definitely be in products that help to keep your skin youthful and clean.

This product cost me £14.40 and it’s a really good sized bottle. Plus the original retail price is £18 so I got it for much cheaper by purchasing this product from my friend.

So to use this product.. all you need to do is squirt a few pumps into your hand and rub it over your face. Dead skin will start to peel away, as you can see from the attached photos. The best part about this product, is that it can be used anywhere. I’ve even used this on my feet as I’m prone to dry skin on my feet. Instantly my feet felt softer after one use. It’s also apparently good for when you fake tan and the tan starts to go patchy in the creases of your skin. (I have never fake tanned in my life unfortunately! But I’ve been told by a reliable source that it helps with patchiness)

After applying this product to my face, I wash my face and apply a moisturiser. My skin feels so fresh and youthful after following this routine, and I follow this around 3 times a week.

So if you’re interested in having squeaky clean skin, feeling fresh and youthful and trying something new.. definitely purchase yourself ‘drops of light’ by The Bodyshop! Another thing I love about this product is that it’s made from all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

Purchase ‘Drops Of Light’ Here

What is your holy grail skincare item? Share in the comments below!

I’ll see you on my next post,

Calluna X