Think Dirty App Review

Think Dirty App Review

Think Dirty App Review


I don’t know about you but more recently I’ve become more aware of what ingredients I’m putting on my skin, hair and in my body. It’s so hard to keep track of and quite frankly I don’t know what half of the ingredients are! I know aqua… and that’s about it! We’ve all of heard of sulfates and parabens and how they’re no good for your hair, yet most shampoo and conditioners contain these ingredients. As a curly girl I have to be extremely mindful of what I put on my hair since one bad ingredient can completely ruin my curl pattern, which is how I discovered the Think Dirty app!


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What Is Think Dirty?

Think Dirty is a free app that is available on smart phones. You can type in what product you would like to see a break down of and the app will score how clean the product is on a scale 0 – 8 (0 being the cleanest and 8 being the dirtiest) The app will then list all of the ingredients breaking down any health impacts of the products and what exactly they are used for. It is a really great way to educate yourself on the ingredients being added into these products. The app will also recommend the safest and most organic products to use.


First Impressions Of Think Dirty

I didn’t realize how many harmful ingredients are put into the products we are using everyday – I was shocked! I didn’t even know half of these ingredients existed. For example, Aveeno Baby Gentle Wash scores an 8 on the app, which is the worst possible score. This product contains fragrance (as many products do) which can cause skin and respiratory irritations and is a possible carcinogen. Now, I know I wouldn’t want to be putting that on my baby’s skin! All of the Johnson & Johnson products rate 4 and above. After scrolling through the app, I’ve discovered that a safer option for a baby would be Weleda Baby 2 in 1 shampoo and body wash, which scores a 0 and contains no harmful ingredients.

I know – it’s crazy. I am a huge Lush fan (as many of my readers know) and most of their products score bad on the Think Dirty App which really disappointed me since Lush is made for sensitive skin and for people who suffer with eczema or other skin irritations.

My only criticism with this app is that a lot of products haven’t been added just yet so you may struggle to find some products. This may be because the creators of the app haven’t uploaded them just yet though!


Final Thoughts Of Think Dirty

I’ve really enjoyed exploring different products on this app. It’s certainly opened my eyes to what I’m putting on my body. It’s not only beauty products – you can look up toothpaste, hand sanitizers and even laundry products. You don’t want to be sleeping in bed covers washed in carcinogens every night do you? Well I know I don’t.

Obviously we can’t be perfect, not every product we use is going to be 100% but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Whenever I’m looking at purchasing a new product, I pop onto my app first to double check what the safest brands are. The product may be pricier but when it comes to your health I think it’s important to invest in safer products.

I think it’s definitely worth looking into and it’s really interesting to read about.

Do you have any advice for purchasing safer products?

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