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Travel keepsake ideas – Things to collect to remember your travels

Travel keepsake ideas – Things to collect to remember your travels

I am an incredibly sentimental person and I’m also a person who absolutely loves to travel. Combine the two together, and you get the inspiration for this post!

When you go on holiday, it’s just a standard procedure to bring back a fridge magnet, a receipt, or some kind of leaflet.. just as a little keepsake from the holiday. There are so many little memorabilia’s you could keep to remember your travels and in this post I’ll be sharing my ideas!

Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets are just a standard. I don’t know one person who doesn’t bring a fridge magnet back from their holidays.

They are a great addition to your fridge and every time you walk over to grab yourself a drink you’ll be reminded of all the great times from your travels.

I love collecting fridge magnets – I always bring one back for my Mom and I keep one for me and my Fiancé, as we are currently saving for our own house, so when we get our own place and our own fridge.. I will have the magnets at the ready!

Not only are fridge magnets something you can have as a keepsake but they also make great gifts! Usually they are rather cheap to pick up, too.

Pin badges

I started collected pin badges a few years ago. I first discovered them when I went to Paris. I started by adding two little Paris pins to a pale pink backpack I had.

After this, I was hooked on collecting pin badges and I now find that I really go out of my way to find a badge to add to my backpack when I am travelling.

I had to switch up the pale pink backpack though, as it was far too small for what I needed it for. I wanted a good sized backpack with the perfect amount of compartments. It needed to be able to fit everything I carry with me – my camera, beach towels, drinks, portable chargers, etc. (I carry a lot!) So I finally found this beautiful leather, satchel styled backpack and my pin badges look perfect with it!

I just love the idea of having one bag that I take everywhere with me and eventually filling the whole bag with badges from my travels – I think it’s a lovely idea.

Suitcase stickers

I was on the train years ago with my friend and looked over at a girl who had a small suitcase with a bunch of stickers from her travels to America stuck all over it. My friend turned to me and said ‘She’s been to some amazing places’ which inspired me to decorate my own suitcase with stickers.

I think it’s such a cool idea to decorate your suitcase with your travel destinations, especially as your suitcase is one of the main things you take on holiday with you.

I love how a ‘used’ suitcase looks. I love a suitcase that looks like it has done some travelling and I feel like adding the stickers adds this aesthetic, especially as they become more tatty from being dragged around by the airport staff and the fact that they rub up against all the other suitcases.

It’s also a lot more personal and it makes your suitcase so much easier to spot in baggage claim.. trust me!

Polaroid Photographs

If you’re a follower of mine, you know I love my Polaroid pictures! I have an Instax Mini 8, and it comes with me everywhere I go.

These photos are such amazing keepsakes to have. Stick them into an album so years down the line you can look back through and show your family members.

The pictures turn out amazing, as you can see and they’re so special because they’re taken in the moment and you can’t retake the photo over and over – unless you want to spend money on extra film!

You don’t necessarily need a Polaroid camera for this keepsake though – just print off the photos, this will have the exact same effect!

There are so many things you could collect – Postcards, receipts which you could add to a scrap book, boarding passes etc. Our memories are the most precious thing we will ever have, so it’s nice to have keepsakes. Something you can look at and instantly be taken back to that moment.

So those were my ideas, which idea was your favourite and let me know.. what do you collect from YOUR travels?

See you all on the next post,

Calluna X

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