Unboxing and Styling My New ‘Molly’ Dr Martens

Unboxing and Styling My New ‘Molly’ Dr Martens

If you’re looking for a shoe that will last you a life time, I think it’s safe to say Dr Martens are a good option. They’re durable, tough and to top it off they look amazing.

The design / style of Dr Martens have certainly come a long way over the years. You can get studded boots, glittery boots, colourful boots, double platformed boots, heeled Dr Martens and even sandals!

Considering that these shoes last a life time they’re reasonably priced, especially when you catch them during a sale! So when I saw the recent sale, I knew I had to take advantage. (Well.. my Fiancé took advantage! He got me these as a present for our anniversary)

I have had my eyes on these pink, mermaid styled boots since Christmas so when I saw that they were £100 off the original price it was a no brainer.

I love these boots because they have the double platform which I love so much. (When you’re 5ft nothing, every little helps.) I also love the pink, holographic style, and the thick glittery laces.

The material on these boots are extremely soft, so they’re comfortable around your ankle however like any new pair of Dr Martens you do need to wear them in. (It’s a gruelling process I know, but it’s worth it!)

The beauty of Dr Martens is they literally go with anything! I thought since these boots were quite ‘out there’ as they’re pink and holographic, that they would be difficult to style but I was pleasantly surprised that they do still go with pretty much anything.

Here are a few ways I styled these boots –

I love how the boots look with these outfits.

Unfortunately these shoes are now out of stock, however I will link a similar pair in black that are also in the sale – Click here.

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