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Using Pinterest To Promote Your Blog

Using Pinterest To Promote Your Blog

Using Pinterest To Promote Your Blog

Social media is a great way to increase blog traffic. I haven’t had Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for years now but one thing I do use is Pinterest. I love Pinterest – I love scrolling through looking for inspiration, creating mood boards and vision boards. I use Pinterest to post a lot of my own content, especially travel photos because I love travelling. I also use Pinterest to try and promote my own blog and have recently experimented with paying to increase my pins visibilty on Pinterest. So in this post I’ll be talking about how you can use Pinterest to promote your blog.


1. Make A Board Dedicated To Your Blog

The first step to increasing traffic to your blog using Pinterest is to make a board specific to your blog. This board should be named after your blog. So my board is called ‘Calluna’s World.’

I post my featured images to this board, and also any blog photos that I have taken and particularly like. For example, this is what my blogging board looks like –


These images should be linked directly to your blog, especially to the post in which the photo relates to.

This is why the featured images on your blog are so important – your text should be large, bold and stand out so people know what your post is about.

2. Make Other Boards

As well as posting pins to your blogging board, you should make other boards so more people will be attracted to your Pinterest and you can reach a wider audience.

If you’re a fashion blogger you could create a board for Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring fashion. If you are a travel blogger, create a board for different locations / countries. If you’re a lifestyle blogger you could do a mix of inspirational boards, DIY and how to boards. The more your viewers have to look at, the better!


3. Pin Other Users’s Pins

Be sure to pin a mix of your own photos / content and also pin other user’s content.

When I first started using Pinterest I would only post my own pins, I would never re-pin, but when I started to post other user’s pins, I noticed more traffic on my Pinterest as more people were re-pinning the posts I was re-pinning.


4. Post Regularly

Consistency is key when it comes to any form of social media and blogging. You need to be consistent, posting 3 posts a week is going to get you a lot more traffic than 1 post every 2 weeks.

You need to make yourself visible – so ensure you’re posting / pinning regularly to your Pinterest.


5. Promoting Your Pins – Cost, experience and does it really help?

I recently paid to promote some of my own pins as a little experiment. I wanted to see just how effective this was and how much extra traffic I could get directed to my blog. So is it worth it?

I’d say it’s certainly a good starting point if you’re looking for a slight drive in blog traffic. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can set your promotions up based on a budget you have in mind. Do you want to spend £2? You can! Pinterest is extremely flexible in terms of price. When I promoted my pins I spent £1 a day and set the promotion to last 3 days. So in total I spent £3 per pin and promoted 3 pins in total. On each pin I was receiving 10k+ views. Actual engagement was the next challenge – getting people to actually click the links to my blog.

I’ve received an additional 70 visitors on my blog this year, which is traffic directed from Pinterest. It may not seem like much but it’s a great starting point and like any source of social media, building an audience takes time.

I receive on average 11k views on my Pinterest page monthly. Now if this traffic could all be directed to my blog, that would be perfect. So this is something I will continue to work on.

Summary Of Using Pinterest To Promote Your Blog

 So overall would I recommend Pinterest to promote your blog? Definitely. It’s a great starting point to direct any extra traffic to your blog! It’s cheap, and if you’re consistent with it, you will definitely grow an audience over time.

I also just enjoy Pinterest in general, it gives me inspiration and I love creating vision boards.

I don’t have any other form of social media so Pinterest and my blog are the only places I can share my ideas, thoughts and photos and it’s the perfect creative outlet for me.

Have you ever tried Pinterest advertising? What are your favourite ways to promote your blog? Share your ideas in the comments and remember to like this post if you found it helpful!

Click here to view and follow my Pinterest. Leave your Pinterest account in the comments so other people can check out your boards!

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