Vita Liberata Gradual Tan Review

Vita Liberata Gradual Tan Review

Vita Liberata Gradual Tan Review

I love having a tan – you can’t beat the sun kissed healthy glow in the summer. Unfortunately summer doesn’t last forever (If only..) So what do we do in the winter? I don’t know about you my winter skin isn’t as glam. It’s dry, dull and quite frankly problematic! I am no stranger to sunbeds, but we can’t pretend they don’t come with a long list of safety risks including sucking any moisture possible out of your skin, which in the long run won’t look great. Also the obvious dangers of UV exposure.

So what are our options? Tanning injections. Tanning pills? It all seems a bit too far fetched to me and I’m not too comfortable with injecting unnecessary ingredients into my body.

I never considered self tanning. When the words ‘fake tan’ entered my mind, all I could picture was the biscuit smell, the orange bed sheets and the famous patchy marks around wrists, ankles and fingers. I think we have all witnessed a bad fake tan at least once in our lives.

I was still curious though, I wanted to try fake tanning. So I decided I would do a little research.

Why Vita Liberata?

After a little research I decided to order Vita Liberata. I decided on this particular fake tan as all of the ingredients were clean and organic. I use an app called ‘Think Dirty’ where you can look up products and see how safe they are. You’d be shocked at how many products contain bad ingredients. For example, Bondis Sands is one of the most popular fake tan brands but their products contain parfum, trideceth-12, phenoxyethanol and polyethylene glycols which may not mean much to you, but if you research these ingredients, they’re not the best things to be putting on your skin. I’ve been trying to be more conscious of the products I put on my skin and in my body more recently.

I also chose this tan because it had good reviews – this tan offers an odorless, subtle and gradual tan which doesn’t transfer to clothes / bedding. The idea of the dark mousse which turns you a completely different colour the next morning was quite intimidating to me so I wanted something subtle and less intimidating! Which is why I think the Vita Liberata Gradual tan is the perfect option for a first time self tanner like myself.

This tan costs around £15 – so it’s not the cheapest tan on the market.


Application Of Vita Liberata

My first impression of Vita Liberata was how generous the bottle size is. It’s a good size and with plenty of product.

Applying the product is more like applying a moisturizing body lotion – which is lovely. This product is truly a dream to apply.

There is a slight scent as you apply the product – it’s not a typical fake tan smell. It smells more like a cleaning product. It’s nothing too overpowering though.



As this product is a gradual tan, the first application gives you a nice subtle tan. It develops over a period of 4 – 8 hours. If you’re a first time tanner, this is the perfect fake tan as the results aren’t too dramatic.

You can layer the tan the following day for even deeper results – I added 3 layers, over a period of 3 days before I achieved my desired shade.

I top this up once a week, for a constant sun kissed and refreshed summer glow. (Or should I say winter glow?)

One thing I love about this tan, is that it doesn’t go patchy around your wrists, fingers or ankles and it fades away nicely.


Summary Of Vita Liberata Gradual Tan Review 

Would I recommend Vita Liberata Gradual Tan? Definitely! It’s the perfect tan for me. It’s subtle, moisturizing, odorless, it doesn’t stain my clothes and the tan looks natural and even.

I feel so much safer using a fake tan instead of the sun beds and I’m loving having a summer glow in the winter. I feel healthy, my skin looks great and I don’t have that dry pasty winter skin.

If you would like to purchase this product click here.

What is your favourite tanner? Do you have any recommendations?


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