Outfit: Vultures 🖤

Outfit: Vultures 🖤

Hi guys!

I got this gorgeous coat from the charity shop for only £8 this weekend! I told myself I was going to try control my charity shop addiction but when I saw this I instantly fell in love and just had to get it. >.<

It’s so warm, and snug and I have had like a lot of compliments about it haha! So I think I made the right decision buying it. The original brand is actually Oasis. I’m addicted to buying jackets. I also got a leather jacket over the weekend but that’s for a separate post.

I styled the jacket with a cute yet edgy kind of outfit. A basic lilac coloured strapped dress from Primark I think it was like… £3? And I absolutely adore sheer things because they spice up an outfit so much! Which is why I added the black sheer top underneath, which really makes this basic dress not look so… well.. basic.

To add something that would turn heads a little bit… I added this spike garter thing which was a few pounds from Amazon. I think it really makes the outfit that little bit ‘extra’ and obviously a choker. Since everyone is wearing them now-a-days!

To finally add to the outfit I wore my old battered Doc Martens, when I say old I mean I’ve had them since I was 15! They do last a long time. They’re such a good quality boot.

I’m also wearing Jeffrey Star ‘Scorpio’ on my lips which is the best lipstick ever!! Such a gorgeous colour and amazing quality and of course since I recently dyed my hair dark I haven’t wore much eye makeup because I don’t want to look too pale and washed out so I just stuck to some basic makeup.. a simple bit of mascara. Can’t go wrong really!!

Hope you enjoyed my outfit, until the next post!

Rosie oxoxoxoxox

Dress: Primark

Top: H&M

Garter: Amazon 

Coat: Thrifted 

Shoes: Shuh


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