What’s In My Bag?

What’s In My Bag?

What’s In My Bag?

In this post I’ll be going old school and showing you what’s in my bag!

For this post I literally just grabbed my bag out of my wardrobe and dug straight in. Luckily there was nothing too incriminating inside!

My purse

The first item is an obvious object that can be found inside of a bag – a purse!

Loose change

I have a mix of euros and pennies. The euros are from when I went to Greece back in September.

Lip Butter

This lip butter is pretty good – but unfortunately Nivea are a brand that test on animals so I’ll be getting rid of this.

I forgot I even had this. (I was gifted this before I decided to use cruelty free brands.)

Hand Cream

Something I always keep in my bag but never really use!

My Menstrual Cups

My menstrual cups live in this cute little drawstring bag. I take these everywhere with me just incase of emergencies.

Hair Bobbles

I always have an emergency stash of bobbles for those bad hair days

Mini Travel Perfume – Alien

I carry a mini travel perfume with me just incase I want a perfume touch up during the day. This perfume is ‘Alien’ by Mugler. I love Mugler perfumes.

Fortune Cookie Message

This is probably the most random thing I have in my bag. I cracked open a fortune cookie a while ago and kept the message for the lucky numbers because I was going to put the lottery on with these numbers. Also, got to love the little ego boost this message is providing!


I always have a collection of lipsticks in my bag. I’m a lipstick hoarder. I put them in my bag, forget I’ve put them there, think I’ve lost them for months on end and then find them again.

Here I have Gemini by Jeffree Star and On & On by MAC – again MAC are not cruelty free so I’ll be getting rid of this too. (I was gifted this before using cruelty free brands, it’s years old! All the more reason to get rid of it really.)

A pen

The final item in my bag was a pen. You never know when you may need a pen!

Summary Of What’s In My Bag?

So that’s what is inside of my bag! I hope you enjoyed this post.

Share in the comments what essential items you keep in your bag. I’d love to know ^_^

Until the next post,

Calluna X

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