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Why I Quit Social Media

Why I Quit Social Media

Why I Quit Social Media

I’m just going to come out and say it; I hate social media. Of course it has it positives – It helps people stay connected, you can promote your business, blog, website etc and of course, you can’t beat scrolling through hilarious videos of animals doing silly things but overall I think we can all admit that social media can be very toxic. But why exactly?

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It’s A Waste Of Time

I don’t know about you but I find social media to be such a waste of time. When I used to have social media, I’d be scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for hours. Life is short – why would I want to spend my life scrolling through other people’s lives? I know it’s nice to know what your friends are up to, but lets face it we all end up following other accounts! Accounts of people you don’t even know, celebrities, influencers or even people you knew 10 years ago. And let’s face it – if you’ve got good friends, you’d already know what they were up to without having to snoop on their social media! I don’t know about you, but I’d rather just be focusing on my own life. I know, I know – some people scroll through social media to relax, but I prefer other relaxation techniques like reading or playing guitar.


You’re Not Present

It makes me so sad when I’m sitting in a room full of people and they’re all glued to their phones. You can’t always blame social media for this – you could simply just be texting but social media does play a big part in this. Put your phone away and spend time with the people around you. Be present in your own life. If you’re lying in bed with your partner and you’re both lying there, with those dreaded screens lighting up your faces, put them down! Have a conversation. You’re having dinner with your family? Leave your phone at home or upstairs and talk to your family. It’s called ‘social media’ but in hindsight, it’s not actually very sociable at all, is it? It takes us away from the real social situations in our lives.

If my Mum is telling me about her day, I want to give her all of my attention. I don’t care what Donna from work is having for her dinner. I like to dedicate my time into the present moment, into the people I am with and into the conversations going on around me.


Moments Aren’t Private

I don’t know about you, but I feel like life isn’t private anymore. People can’t seem to just have personal moments without sharing them all over the internet now.

I’m going to use a romantic relationship as an example. How many times have you seen people post a photo of their Birthday gifts or Christmas presents with the caption ‘My partner did good.’ I’ve seen it quite a lot. I used to do it myself! I remember posting a picture of what my partner had got me for Valentine’s Day or posting a picture of the bunch of flowers my partner had surprised me with. Another perfect example is gigs or night outs. Have you ever sat there and watched a whole gig or someone’s night out on their Snapchat or Instagram story? Can we not enjoy these moments privately anymore?

Back when I had social media, I’d post a picture of my meal if I went to a restaurant or I’d post about what I was doing – why not just enjoy the meal, enjoy the people you’re with and enjoy your life instead of having to share it with the rest of the world?

I’m quite a private person anyway. I never used to be! I’d share absolutely everything and anything on social media. That was back when I was a teenager. I’ve grown up now. As I got older I started to feel like an exposed nerve – even if my profiles were on private. I had 1000+ followers on Instagram. Many of them people I worked with, went to school with, went to college with, met on nights out etc. If I posted a picture of myself, I’d start to think – I don’t want people to know what I look like. I don’t want people to know what I’m doing. Did these people really matter? Well no, out of all of my followers only a handful were my family, and I only have two best friends. (I have a very small circle.) All of the people I love know what I look like, they all know what I’m up to – they are a regular part of my life. So why did it matter to the other thousands of people who had no significance to my life at all? I didn’t want someone who I once worked with seeing that I was on holiday or out with my friends. Someone who never liked my posts, never spoke to me and had no interest in my life whatsoever. I love that I’m private. I love that the people I once went to school with haven’t got a clue what I’m doing, who I’m with, where I’m working or how I am. I love that my life is mine and only the people I choose get to be a part of it.

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It Influences People

The influence social media can have on people is scary! In a way, it’s kind of like brainwashing. I know it’s strange to say considering I blog, but I hate influencer culture. An influencer with thousands of followers could tell people that drinking 1 litre of vinegar a day can clear up your skin and people would start to willingly pay for ‘vinegar treatments.’ (Please don’t drink vinegar!!)

A good example is those gummy hair vitamins a lot of influencers like to advertise so much. You may or may not know who Kylie Jenner is.. but she advertises them all the time. Are people really convinced that she takes these pills and thinks they truly work? A person who has a professional hair stylist and a very expensive set of hair extensions which are replaced constantly? Of course her hair looks perfect all of the time! She also advertises different brands of waist trainers, like many of the Kardashians too. This is a person who has had some of the best surgery on her body, can pay for top end personal trainers and has endless amounts of time to work out and you’re convinced that a waist trainer is going to help you have a body like hers? I can assure you now, that waist trainer is not going to give you a body like that!

Maybe that’s a bad example as Kylie Jenner is a bit extreme but I’ve seen so many influencers advertise a product, say how great it is and how they use it all the time and then you never see them use it again.

It’s okay to be influenced! It’s not a bad thing… but be influenced in the right way. Buy something because you want to, not because someone has told you to under false information. Do your research. Read forums. Get the opinion of someone who will honestly weigh up the pros and cons of the product. There are influencers out there who will give you an honest opinion so just follow the right ones.


It’s Damaging To Young People

The final reason I hate social media is because of how damaging it is to people – including and especially young people.

I’m going to use young girls as an example. We know what the ‘beauty standard’ is like on Instagram. As a young girl, who is going through puberty, going through different stages of her body and life, imagine how she feels seeing these pictures and being disappointed that their body doesn’t look like that? It would cause some deep, rooted self esteem issues. I would be absolutely heart broken if I had a daughter who didn’t feel beautiful because she compared herself to these people online. If she didn’t feel pretty because her lips weren’t as full as the woman she follows, because the woman has had lip injections. The crazy thing is, not even these influencers look how they do in photos! This of course has been going on for years and years with magazines and television. It’s incredibly damaging.

I know when I have children, I would feel so sad if my children wasn’t happy with their own lives because of social media. I know children aren’t meant to have social media and there are age limits, but the amount of young people on social media and who own smart phones is scary.

I love the saying ‘you’re comparing your behind the scenes with someones highlights’ because it’s true. Of course people are only going to post the best parts of their life.

Another reason it is damaging to young people, is because when I went to school and that bell rang at 3pm – school would be over. I’d go home, forget about school, be with my family and not see anyone until the next school day. If a child is being bullied at school, they are taking that home with them if they have social media. There’s no escape. They could be locked in their room, away from their family, isolated being bullied from the place they should feel safe and happy.

It’s not only damaging to young people, it can also be damaging to adults – one of my friends often talk about how she’s not happy with her image and then she shows me a picture of someone online and says she wants hair like them or a nose job etc. I always remind her she’s beautiful as she is and not to compare herself to a picture of someone online. It’s amazing what the right angle, good lighting and a filter can do.

If you feel like this, you should definitely step away from social media and give yourself a break.


But Isn’t Blogging Just The Same?

I know what you’re thinking – surely blogging is just the same? Why do you still blog?

It’s a good and fair point, but I find blogging so different. It’s so much more positive and informative. I love the people / blogs I follow – the posts are always so informative and spread a positive message. The people I follow are real and relatable people. I never come across any blogs that make me question my own life, in a negative way.

In terms of my own blog – I like to be informative and positive too. I like to create posts which open a discussion and share my own ideas / thoughts on something in an open minded and non-judgmental way. I give honest reviews. I always pay for my own products and I will hand on heart… never recommend gummy bear hair pills!

When I give product reviews I like to educate people on the ingredients in them and ensure people are using products that are safe for them, well priced and products I genuinely enjoy. If I don’t enjoy a product I will say. I like to help people with blogging tips and general lifestyle tips.

I do post my little mini vlogs and small snippets of personal information but I still only share very limited information. I think I’ve only shared my real name on here like once before! Nobody I know personally reads my blog (unless they’ve magically found me, in which case.. hi!) So my regular readers know more of me than people who I used to work with which I’m happy with – it really is a nice little community.

Blogging feels more professional and most of the time I do sit at my laptop and think of it as working.


Summary Of Why I Quit Social Media

Look I’m not saying you should go and delete all of your social media and that you’re wrong to enjoy it. Of course you’re not, we all have different opinions, interests and experiences. Social media for you may be a completely different experience and you might love it! I just wanted to point out the reasons that tipped me over the edge to finally delete all of my social media years ago.

I’m not saying I don’t sit on my phone texting still, I do! I still take photos of absolutely everything too, but instead of posting it on social media, I print it off and add it to my album collections. I have so many photo albums! I’m always printing off my camera roll on my phone. One day, I plan on looking through all of my albums with my children and grandchildren when I’m in my 60’s, with a cup of tea and some biscuits and smiling at my memories.

If you have a healthy relationship with social media, that’s great! Everything is healthy in moderation.


I’m sorry this was a bit of a lengthy post, but I really wanted to sit and write a more personal post and if you’re still here, I hope you enjoyed reading.

What are your thoughts on social media?


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