Outfit: XO ❤️ 💛

Outfit: XO ❤️ 💛

Happy New Year guys! I’ve got lots of exciting plans for my blog this year so keep your eyes peeled because I do have some posts coming in the next few days!

I haven’t done an outfit post in what seems forever, and they’re my favourite to post so what better way to start the year than with an outfit/look post!?

Also taken on my brand new Canon camera instead of my iPhone!! So excited to use this camera for my blog posts.

This is quite a dressy yet casual look, perfect for a nice meal or a date night. Statement trousers with a plain boob tube, perfect combination, and to smarten things up.. a blazer and of course a pair of boots. I’ve been after a new comfortable pair of boots for ages because my favourite ones are starting to get scruffy, so I needed to get a nice new pair!

And of course my trusty backpack. It’s not the most sophisticated but it’s comfortable and out the way and I’m all about the comfort I am!

I am in love with this furry head piece too! It’s so warm and pretty. It’s had a lot of compliments.


And of course, I’m not the biggest fan of a lot of jewellery so I just added my Pandora ring, and my Tiffany ring and another little pretty ring too. I feel like too much jewellery is too ‘cluttered’ so I prefer not to wear much!

I hope you enjoyed this outfit!

How was your New Year?! I hope you had a great time!

Until the next post.


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